Availability: I’m based in Central London. My schedule is quite flexible, but as you I too have a pretty busy life. Advanced bookings are highly recommended and appreciated.

Cancellation: Life happens and I fully understand if you have to reschedule our date. Just give me enough notice, as my time is as value as yours. I'd appreciate an alternative date proposal so we can reschedule right away. 

Location: I’m available in London for outcalls only (4* and 5* hotels). If you wish an incall I'm happy to book a room in an upscale hotel for us, given that you add the room costs to your consideration.

How I dress: I dress very elegant and modern, yet feminine and sexy. I love to underline my personality with matching outfits - confident and open-minded. I have a slender, tall figure and prefer trousers to dresses. But please tell me if you have preferences. I feel as comfortable in heels and a cocktail dress as much as in tight jeans and a shirt.