Availability: I’m based in Central London. My schedule is quite flexible, but as you I too have a pretty busy life. Advanced bookings are highly recommended and appreciated.

Payment: I accept cash and online transfers (PayPal).

Deposits apply to new and existing clients.

• I require a 25% deposit to hold time for extended and travel engagements

• 25% on all bookings at 10 hours and longer when I’m on tour

• 50% for clients who have a history of cancellations

• 50% on all dates in London from October 2018 to January 2019

Please note, non-refundable deposits are to reschedule the exact same date. For the unlikely case that I have to cancel our date your deposit will be refunded within 72 hours.

Cancellation: Life happens and I fully understand if you have to reschedule our date. Just give me enough notice. I'd appreciate an alternative date proposal so we can reschedule right away. 

• 72 hours require 50% deposit for future dates

• 48 hours and less require 25% cancelation fee 

Location: I’m available in London for outcalls only (4* and 5* hotels). If you wish an incall I'm happy to book a room in an upscale hotel for us, given that you add the room costs to your consideration.

How I dress: I dress very elegant and modern, yet feminine and sexy. I love to underline my personality with matching outfits - confident and open-minded. I have a slender, tall figure and prefer trousers over dresses. But please tell me if you have preferences. I feel as comfortable in heels and a cocktail dress as much as in tight jeans and a shirt.